In a funeral


In a funeral


You are leaving me once for all

Without courtesy word Bye

My eyes and heart are heavy

Words are hiding under my grief

You are leaving me once for all

from this world and from your relatives


I do not know your origin and

You didn’t know me too

We have connected here as brothers

Shared our likes and desires

In this small planet

We met ourselves many times as friends


How cruel you are?

How is it possible to go away from us?

Didn’t you know our love and affection”

Are you blind or dumb?

To move away from us

Can’t you see our tears and painful faces?


How can I imagine to put you in fire?

Yesterday you were in my street

Today you are no more here

My friend

Your daughter and sons have lost their father

But me

I lost my living hope in this tragic world

Your Death teaches me

The unstable, uncertain life of lives in this world