Coming Out Of The Shadows

Written by: kathryn ramirez

I wonder through this crowded place, yet there are no souls in sight,
they are just bodies filled with darkness, no glimmer of light.
My feet are so worn from walking on, what feels like broken glass,
I am forced to relive emotions repeating from the worst moments in my past.
the anger,the embarrassment, the heartbreak, the betrayal and shame
I begin to cry when I remembered I had cursed God's name.
I have no clue who is leading me down this miserable path,
but, it is clear to me that I am expieriencing hell's wrath.
my legs are burning with blisters and I can't fight the Pain
I thought I was dead, how can I feel? well  they won't explain
The cheer on to keep walking with no destination in mind,
its just something to do, i guess, it helps to pass the time
no one has a face here, so you won't recognize your friends,
it's just constant pain, and repetition, and it will never end.
I try to fall to my knees, and kneel my head to pray,
but there is no sound coming from the words that I say.
I try to convince myself that this is just a vivid dream,
but, I can feel and smell everything, but I can't scream.
I inhaled for one last attempted cry for help,
the steam burned my throat, and agony I felt.
I heard footsteps approaching at a very rapid pace,
I didn't run, I simply turned to face my demon's right in the face.
they almost devoured me, ripping my heart from my chest,
I didn't show fear or run, I just fought my best.
I thought "God help me! I am losing this fight!"
I slowly began to see traces of light,
I tried to pray, then my prayer, I screamed.
and praise the Lord!!!!! I awoke from that dream.
I am laying here in my bedroom right now,
realizing I need change but I don't know how.
I need to awaken from sin and not wonder astray,
If I need a way out of darkness, I will just Pray