Soup Mail

Written by: Debbie Duncan

What can I say
I don't receive it everyday 
Though I never check it 
But once a year 

So how would I know 
 If It was really there 

Just like on face book as well
I never check my messages 
Which irks my daughter to no end

Though I truly must confess
This is also the way of my house
As I watch the messages scroll

 And I wonder should I answer it 
By the time I figure out if I should 
That number is surely gone from sight 
It is no big thing to me though 

My older sister used to go crazy
She would say how am I suppose
To get a hold of you in an emergence

I'd say because I hear the message    

I most always keep the ringer off
Then I had the see through phone
So I just watched the lights go off 

Maybe I will check my soup-mail 
more often then not 

I wrote this last night because I checked my soup-mail and seen there was 5 messages ;}
9/ 24- 25/ 12;30am    2012