Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

                                                     Living a life for many years,
                                                  I overcome sadness with fears,
                                               Because somebody is always there,
                                                 Whom I called my “Special Angel”

                                                     Her love for me is forever,
                                                A good wife and a good mother,
                                             She is my strength and my adviser
                                                        I thank God for her.

                                                Doing my service to the people,
                                          Help them with a smile and be humble,
                                               My mission is to be an example,
                                     To be a good citizen yet stay a life so simple

                                                  Blessings are overflowing,
                                                Not with any material things,
                                                   But for family and friends,
                                              I considered them as God-send.

                                                 All my success and failures,
                                           My special angel always has a cure,
                                                Her heart is strong and pure,
                                  She’s a blessing to me by our Almighty Creator.

                 (A poem dedicated to one of the nominee for San Lorenzo Ruiz 2012)