A fair game of Chess

Written by: Natalie Copeland

Mischievous Puck, 
your flower has once again struck
where it should not. 
Beguiling the eyes and the minds to love those 
that they should not. 

Oh! Wicked Robin,
how dare you convolute something
so precious into a farce.
Making my love into your game
with players to take me down. 

My dear Goodfellow, 
i shall not play this game of yours, for my heart is at stake. 
But with this rook coming for the queen,
the king evading, and the fair knight distracted from his duty...
what choice do I have?

Little Fairy- 
i shall break your rook if you continue to advance it!
My white knight shall ride to me eventually
-and if my knight is lost-
then for certain i shall capture the king.
Silly fae-
if my knight is not lost then he shall become king
for it is this queen's decision and not yours 
as to what moves i make inside the court of play. 
Did I mention?