i am your instrument lord

Written by: louis rams


I am but an instrument in thy hands
How I am to be used - I may not understand.
You are my doctor and the surgeon in my life
You will cut out the bad , and make things right.

You are the blood that gives me life
And thru you - I’ll see paradise.

I became like a wanderer lost in the desert
With nothing in sight.
But you became my guiding light.

You became my water and my food
And strengthened me every step of the way
And showed me how to pray.

I was like an empty pitcher of wine
Till you filled me up with your light divine.
Now I pour out like the wine on that wedding day
Where you turned water into wine
And your words pour out of me in verse and rhyme.

These words can not be mine for I have not 
the knowledge - nor the skill, but I am
Your instrument, my words your will.

Lead me LORD on this road that you have chosen
Let this be ’’ MY TAPESTRY” that you have woven.

© L . RAMS