stained love by ruby nobles

Written by: John Castro

Deep in the gallows of my wounded heart, in the palm of my hand, I held for you velvet petals of rose, nigh to bloom into something grand. A malicious gaze, fiending smile, "Come and tend garden for a while." Hoe the skin, scent of earthy musk, sow the seeds before the dawn of dusk. Love filters through, maggots in the lifestream. Shriveling blooms, lips cauterized by emblazoned words, treacherous honey from thy tongue doth drip. Trapped under a killing moon, heady full throttle swoon. Snarling lips and gnashing teeth consume my flesh. Flared nostrils inhale my withering soul. In this garden the dead have risen. Thorns twisting and shanking they pull me under. I'm caught in the undertow of this darkened embrace. Twisted and forlorn, seeking something warm, entangled in your *****for love. Intestines wrapped around my neck, hanging from the trees. Betrayed by a kiss, I fell for love of Judas like proportions. Skeletoid trees, these lovely bones gathered all around, impoverished hearts bleeding throughout. Skies bleak, I weak, meek... you leave me to bleed in the forest of 'le pathetique'. Embittered love consumes from within, let loose my entrails, set me free. I need to bleed again.