It's About Time

Written by: Janette Fisher

‘It’s about time you grew up!’
She heard her complain
As her head started thumping 
And she threw up again

‘That’s three times this week 
You’ve been out on the town
Don’t you think that at your age
You should calm yourself down?’

Concealed under covers
She tried to ignore
The judgmental spectre
That stood at the door

‘Oh please go away, 
You’re hurting my head
Can’t you see that I’m dying?
Just leave me in bed!’

But the censure continued
‘You look a right state
It serves your self right
For staying out late

And drinking ‘til all hours
You need to desist
You’ll ruin your liver
If you keep getting pissed

I don’t suppose for one minute
You’ll get up today
Just as well you’re not working
That’s all I can say!’

‘And I really do think
It’s about time you oughta
Set a better example
To me, as your daughter!’