Nuclear Impunity

Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

How long do we have left?

Before science and demonic expression,

Befalls upon our eyes, unfolding the dense compressed, universal matter

Drenching our son's,daughters and loved ones in a blanket of screaming lucid poison,

The children of understanding, unleashing the lion the apex of destruction,

On those poor innocent slaves of war,  eradicated sand castle to good,

Over the top resolutions, mother stroking baby's fluffy hair smiling back, 

Little fingers grasping finger, 

Old man pushing cart given all he had, now he'll starve,

Then flashing light burying all in a dusty fog,

Vanishing like ants in sacrificial human comedy,

Then back home burgers, medals and beers

To appreciate our survival, **** the rest in-denial,

Funny eyes and no American football, would never believe the devil fooled you,

Would you?

It doesn't matter now,  the cotton flag remains untarnished, 

All glossed up smoothered in varnish, we the heroes of this tragedy

Dull grey sky sombre and clammy,

Chivalry died a long time ago, and honour is ours to make believe,

Living a lie but living free.