Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

It is a shadow wind that rides the sky
In late September;
A Banshee lady scatters fallen leaves
On walkway steps
When Summer ends....
Goodbye to warmest memories
And beachsand on the bathroom tiles.

It is the Autumn Solstice that now demands
The days to shorten into Winter;
With light receding into dusky full-drawn curtains,
In classrooms full of captured children
Mourning Summer's freedom
And seashells on a fire place ledge.

It is a time of recompense - before December;
Thanksgiving for the year's collection
Whose bounty follows endlessly
The leaner repast
Of an Ice Queen's affection.

Around a table bright with candles
It is an ending and beginning
A seasonal chameleon
Changing as the patterns flow....

Roll on, Mother Earth