This Too Shall Pass

Written by: Oluwatobi Ogundiran

Gnashing of teeth and quenched 
Cold hands of despair and a 
bleak future
Clutching desperately to the 
shreds of tranquility
And the rays of sunlight eclipsed 
This too shall pass

The land pregnant with barreness
And forlorn caressing your soul      Wisps of 
the delights of a Time 
long gone
Tormenting you with every 
ragged breath
This too shall pass

The world around seems to 
With apocalyptic likeness 
and the frailty of an ancient 
The wind moaning, echoing 
your grief
The tendrils of the new flower 
shrivelled up like leaf in the 
This too shall pass

Gongs of doom clang incessantly
And you long for 
the sweet release of death
The fortitude has long withered 
An imprint of your soul is all that 
This too shall pass

And now the eclipse is over
And fresh rays of tomorrow warm our 
frigid hearts
Your crack of smile is like music 
to my heart
Because I told you:
This too shall pass.