Rova blues, my Queen's Palace

Written by: Voahanitriniaina Rabary-Andriamanday

The Queen's Palace of ancient times
has been renewed with christian rhymes;
And for the glory of new days,
Let's sing and shout as the Queen prays.

They named you Rova: it means to me
that every time I look at you,
my heart will sing a melody
that sings along with their hearts too!

Your name, it means to all of us,
a place where blood filled sacred trees;
a fortress where they still discuss
in memory of Memories!

My Queen's Palace, they named you so
to translate you in others' tongues;
to give your looks a brand new glow
and welcome books with grand new songs:

About new fights,
About new rights;

About the stakes...
About mistakes...

About a warmer place to go.

Then, queens and kings of ancient times,
revealed anew from the furnace
of savagely translated rhymes,
shall reconquer the Queen's Palace.

And lead new fights...
Restore old rights...

And take the stake 
for no mistake,

And find a warmer place to go.

There Peace will be
under The Tree
of Justice 
by the Law
of God on high.