Lord Of The Harvest

Written by: tristen temple

As the farmer toils away ? Sowing seeds and tilling the soil
Watering, turning, rising, sweating, hoping, praying
Natures elements and smiling faces; sunny days driving rains
Tips of hats as waves; within love, they do all wait....
A poor precious child sitting far away, trodden and alone ?
Not able to lift their beautiful eyes as certain people stare 
Shake their heads point their fingers smash the mirror 
Upon the floor; pop a pill start the ignition heading unto
Their lovers back door ? Autumns time and the farmer 
Gathering the choicest of their crop; family friends and circles
Of pure true love; making joyfuls way through the foliage and the trees 
Singing songs of praise; Angels swirling about the talk of the town ? 
Colours as a kaleidoscope and everything is so very vibrant
Alive, these enchanting vivid heart's; in priceless endless beauty....
...."The Lord of The Harvest" *