Could love overlook this pain

Written by: Delilah Ventura

I  consider you my chief, at one point of time
My commander at heart , leader of our military
The big gun in our castle, but mental confusion
Came upon my soul, heart and mind
Disturbance was in the air, causing a big fluster
Flurry thoughts came in my bubble, bursting illusions
As, I tell myself, this can't be true,  I know you

You love me, and wouldn't destroy, our magnificent home
Bringing tears , tears and tears
How, could love overlook this pain
This sudden burst, I'm feeling to, disappear far , far away
Where no-one, would dare to stay or lay
So, I may stay on my knees and pray
Pray that this, bewilderment goes away
Because, truthfully,
I have only, one question
Could love overlook this pain?