Politically Speaking

Written by: Joe Flach

I have reason to believe there are no beliefs with any reason
And the only changes that will occur are the changes in the season
Human beings are not being human and mankind is not kind to man
And not everyone is doing the things that everyone really can

We complain about complainers and believe the headline news
We don’t really know the platforms of the leaders that we choose
We haven’t met our next door neighbors and lock all of our front doors
We hate the mess our country is in but won’t do our household chores

We have polarized political views and have lost the middle ground
We are buried so deep in a hill of lies the truth cannot be found
We close our eyes to pedophiles but won’t let our children hug each other
Are terrified of same-sex marriage but divorce our children’s’ mother

If we could just stop and listen, we might find we violently agree
About all the real issues that are important to you and me
If we took the time to understand the points of the other side
We might feel safe coming out of our house and not feeling the need to hide

We should stop letting news anchors tell us what to think and form our own opinions
We, the people, should once again get control of our own dominion
Don’t vote for a slogan or straight-line red or blue
Take the time to learn the issues and let the platforms speak to you

But, who am I to say all this from the keyboard side of my PC
When I myself have no intent to get active politically