My New Undergarmets

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

A new brassier I did need, to keep the cold off my chest
All was ok until me, the guard did arrest... 
From the store as I was making my way slowly out
Alarm bells rang and then I heard a shout.

Well I thought it was queer when he took me  inside
Where the guard took my bags, I had nothing to hide
He uttered something strange not familiar to my ear
Then sent me away with my bags presumed clear

I left the store with an audience fully surrounding 
Feeling small and embarrassed and alarm bells still pounding.
I decided to ignore the stares coming my way
He had already rummaged and sent me away.

Embarrassed and shivering I looked for my car
Remembering then, that I still wore  no bra.
I realised then that my chest area was  cold.
Because I still had no brassier for my bits to hold.

The store they had left the tags on the underwear
Sealed inside the boxes and that’s not really fair
The staff they had omitted to tell of their plan
Oh boy, I sometime wish that I was a man.

My poor ches-tal area, not small, I might add 
Was suffering from the cold, one could see that quite bad
I had looks from shoppers all watching me
I wondered at first what it was they could see

As I passed through the door, past a man not so old
He said buy a top, because I was looking rather cold
How thoughtful I thought, for him to mention to me
Till I saw my nipples sticking out as far as can be.

My poor chest-al area so long suffering in the cold 
I now have new undergarments for my bits to hold
They are wrapped up warm and snug as can be
When I’m cold they will remain hidden, so no one can see.

 © 24/09/2012~GG~