free cee IF ONLY she's been alive forever and she wrote the very first poem

Written by: jeffry cohan

              IF ONLY

I know we have so much to share
and so many essential facts to bare
sometimes it seems as if we share the same heart
and if only we weren't born so far apart

we correspond with words typed on a page
and my admiration for her is quite difficult to gauge
somehow it's as if she knows what i'm going to say
but alas, we grew up so far away

women have come and gone so soon
some took the big dipper, some the moon
but this lady, and I don't know why
has now returned to me the entire sky

darkness loomed above me all day long
and i would hide my feelings but i'm not that strong
it really doesn't matter because i'm familiar with defeat
and it's a shame we never met or will ever meet
    © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~