Moth to Flame

Written by: Michael Smith

Through the full of moonlit night
Succumbs a moth to every light
And powder keg wings beat white satin 
Serenade in frolic amidst temptations often
Desperation outside upon my veranda door
What brings you to this place, tonight my dear
Perhaps, it might be in hopes of love
Or, ideas of romance you crave, you want
But, she merely answers in very soft fluttery sighs
What thoughts lie behind those sultry grinning eyes 
But, what I see are reflections as a moth encircles 
Seeking out forbidden love to become entanlged
My reply, to turn out the light and never let you in
Lest I partake of lust beneath your moon glow skin
Thus, then I would be to wander lost in a consequence of haze
Into the moonlit night from door to door and like you, from flame to flame