The Poet's Garage Sale

Written by: Sara Kendrick

I've got to clean out these loaded ancient poetry files
What will I sell first maybe I'll just stack them in big pile

I know then I'll sort them_separate by topic
Remove ones about child sex abuse as if by magic  

Now the world is safer place for children to play
I'll get busy seeing what's left to take care of this day

Now I'll remove the ones about poisonous snakes
Get rid of those pythons who threaten human lives to take

What do I have left to sell_some with misspelled words
Haikus not written very well, grammar gone amuck by yards

Now for pricing what can I do _easy stickers
Those wih self-stick tacky glue_poor Haikus snap-shot pictures

I'll sell them first three for a quarter_maybe dime
For folks will say why they don't even have any end-rhyme

Forget this dang garage sale_just have an estate sale
Have professional come over price then use slide scale 

Somehow these couplets will have to come to a close
The lunch timer just dinged_sorry I'll just say adios

Contest:A Poet's Garage Sale
Written: September 24, 2012