Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

I wonder through the maze of time
Gazing upon every century,

Leading me astray along the 
fascinating array of cobbled roads 
beer soaked corners, and freshly 
watered bouquet's,

It's unique charm unified by the 
usual hustle of most western cities,

Though standing firm in multitudes 
of admirational plenty, an opera of 
reality singing loud in silent 

Conventional though complex, a 
rock drowning weight of human 
creativity, sitting in invincible unity,

Among the swarms of dust beaten 
around by endless activity, a oiled 
engine forever purring, forever 
working, with inexhaustible duty,

A machine never ceasing, never 

Awaiting the next flow of eyes, every 
minute landing onto her from the 

A elixir of life ever changing under 
the burden of existence, saying 
'hello' to the morning sun the 
routine of innocence among the 
charcoal lung,

Divided completely though together 
as one.