Wanting Peace

Written by: angel heady

Everyday the world you live in is a war zone.  Everyone you love is fighting over their place in this world.  Making you always having to choose a side. But what happens when either side you choose is wrong. 
No one sees how much it effects your feelings.  It makes you think that there's no love in this world and you will always live in world war 3.  Where's the love and peace you seek?  When you know that you can't fix everything wrong.  when love has distroyed everything.  And you can't stand the sound of yelling and screaming anymore. 
Everynight you pray for peace and just to be happy and safe.  Wanting a normal life in a world full of angry people is so hard to find.  You start searching for any means of escape.  Only to find that the options you have for escape only distores You from the inside out.  leaving you a casualty of war that will never end.