Money What Happens when it's Gone

Written by: angel heady

Why does the world measure a persons worth with money or titles? When the money and title they carry doesn't give anything real. Except material things No real feelings of love, or happiness. Only instant satisfaction. Which doesn't last becuase once the everything's gone. Your left out in the cold. What good has money done in life? If you have to much of it then everyone's jealous of you.
 Or They plan and plot to try their hardest to take away form you. So they'll have it instead. Leaving you still unihappy and facing everyday knowing everyone only wants money out of you. Never really knowing if they say I love you to you is it coming from their heart or Just their need for more. 
What does the world do when the money's gone and There's nothing left to fight over?  Will they start to look inside themselves and find peace at once with everything they've done to get money and power.  After its gone Forever. 
No more games to play to get ahead.  Only pain and sadiness left with scares that wont heal at all.  The world will have to live with all the anger and greed that was unleashed becuase of money.  Leaving them with nothing but an empty heart.