No Chance of Rain Weather Forecast

Written by: Kim Merryman

Sunny and clear with no chance of rain,
That's what the weatherman said.
Warm and breezy, a perfect day,
To get up and get out of bed.

Why stay inside on such a glorious day?
Think I'll take a walk, get some fresh air.
Better yet I'll go fly a kite or ride a bike,
Grab a friend and a picnic to share.

Uh oh! What's this? Are those clouds I see?
They don't look very friendly at all.
"What happened to no chance of rain", 
I ask as the drops begin to fall.

In an instant my bright sunny day,
Turned into an angry downpour.
My plans were all ruined, putting me in a funk.
Now, I guess I'll stay in and do chores.

For Joy Wellington's "Weather Forecast" contest