Written by: jeffry cohan

                   IS THAT A TRIFLE OR A RIFLE?

Weightless while watching ripples row their way across a wading pool 
A pool that portended peace
A peaceful pool in the coolness of a kiss in springtime                
A scene of serenity
Sinking into a pool of my own
A pool of thought
Caught somewhere between actuality and a playground in Poughkeepsie
And the thought occurs to me
No longer a blur to me
But crystal clear
As I consider the word “trivia” as in those trivia games people play
One might choose to say that I have a dispute with “Trivial Pursuit”
Well for just a moment or two let’s examine, explore, expose and exhume if you will
The meaning of the word “trivia”
Now I don’t own a dictionary, nor does anyone nearby
But as far as I can tell
The root word of “trivia” is trivial 
As in unimportant, inconsequential, insignificant, and most notably
And so I’m rifling through the attics and dungeons of my medulla oblongata 
And I gotta say, in reference to these trivial games
No matter how convivial the participants are
I’m not spending hours being asked frivolous questions
And hearing petty answers
Answers that may be wrong or right
And thus to be edified and educated by the inconsequential 
Meaning, in essence, of no consequence to anyone
At anytime
In any place
But that’s just my opinion
Coming from someone who comes dangerously close to being labeled a fool
Weightless while watching water in a wading pool
And noting the trivial and trifling
     © 2012…copyright…PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~