Unlikely Friends

Written by: Juli- Michelle

I was wondering what you thought of me
Because lately I've been wondering such
I don't recognize that girl in the mirror
It's not the same feel nor touch
Her face, once defined by purple-ish lines
Is unrecognizable behind her mask
And trying to stay in loved ones lives
Has proved too difficult a task
People here love me for who I am
And I guess I've never noticed before
Here I am happy, here I can fly
There I was always down on the floor
I was wondering whether you saw the mask
As I rush it on each day
And whether you see the evil in me
That so often pushes away
When you see me smile do you see a tear?
Do you see the agony behind?
I know you hardly know this girl
But please take my hand and find
That we are not so different now
Even though our pasts aren't one
My eyes see sadness glistening in yours
We both deserve innocent fun
I was wondering what you thought of me
Because i'd like to make a difference now
I want to make you smile too
But I need you to tell me how
I was wondering why this was happening
But it seems to be for the best
I don't know this girl in the mirror
But you seem to know all the rest.