FREE CEE is there a coroner on the corner

Written by: jeffry cohan


Life would be more temperate were i not taunted so by temptation
On every corner and on every god-forsaken street
For a weakened man such as i temptation never comes to a cessation
And believe me brother, I’ve been broken, battered and beat

I’ve taken my licks while simply trying to get some kicks
Find the thrill of stillness and temporary but tempting relief
I’m like a flame burning in the middle of a candle’s wick
Burning toward both ends with a soothing flame all too brief

The word “temptation” should have been made my middle name
Since I’m tormented by chasing that short but soothing flame
My lack of will power and detrimental desire are both to blame
And since that first shot in the arm temptation is torment I cannot tame

Living wouldn’t be such a chore had I some self-control
And life would be easier were my heart not so hardened by craving
A lack of restraint makes me no saint since sin has stolen my soul
And believe me bleak brothers, my sordid soul ain’t worth saving
© 2012…copyright cee!