The Pixie in my Garden

Written by: Jacqui Waldron

Come sit by my side in the soft evening light
Do you hear him calling in the still of the night?
He lives in my garden and watches the leaves
As they fall soft and gently in the evening breeze

In the day he is waiting for night-time to fall
When the children are sleeping will they hear his call?
He watches the goblins that sit at his feet
And the mischievous fairies that play hide and seek

And as the stars fill the sky and the moon lights the way
His magical sounds call the children to play
And soon they come from far and wide 
To play with the pixie and be by his side

They play through the night and they understand why
When the dawn lights the sky they must say their goodbye
But they know in their hearts because they truly believe
They will see him again on a warm summer’s eve

So keep your eyes closed and stay very still
I believe you will hear him I believe that you will
For the tune that he plays is for you and for me
It’s a magical sound that will forever be free