If I

Written by: Woodrow Lucas

If I
The heartbeat of my life is slowing,
And my love has stopped from flowing.
My will is getting weak,
And my thoughts becoming bleak.
My time is growing short it seems,
For I can find no hope to glean,
A ray of light into this death about me.
Alone I stare into the deep.
The train of death awaits my seat,
And day by day I am more convinced,
My time upon this earth is spent.
A coward’s death I do conceive,
For I can find no true reprieve.
From the pain of shadows cast by dreams,
That never came to bless me.
But sometimes I think if I could shed a tear,
A tear for loved ones gone,
A tear for sorrows song,
A tear for men torn down,
By cruelty’s biting sound,
A tear for God’s lost souls,
Living shame and waxing cold.
If I could shed a tear,
Perhaps I would know God is here,
Instead of somewhere in my mind,
When I think of better times.
Oh lord, please help me cry.
Please help me cry so I don’t die.