Help To Understand A Man

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Help To Understand A man

A woman they say is hard to understand, and that may be true
Unlike a man, he’s easy; and here is a tip for you.
A man is really made in two parts; you can take this tip from me
One part A, below the waist line; and part B, above the knee.

A man they say only thinks with one part
It may be his head, or maybe his heart
One thing I am sure of, is of the two parts he is blessed
There is one part he likes to play with, and that one he likes the best.

His constant companion through thick and thin
Throughout his life it never gives in
It guides him through life, leading this and that way
And it is with this part that he’s always willing to play.

He never does play with it - in polite society  
It’s not on show, no that should never  be…
He does not discuss it with his peers at a dinner
But he relishes the feel of it except, when it’s thinner…

He like’s to watch it grow, and this is his ambition
To make it grow all the time, it is a good man’s mission.
The only time he worries is when put his hand in his pocket
And cannot feel what he wants to feel, it’s like no plug in his socket…

So a man is simple to understand, and remember this is true
When he takes you out you know, he is really thinking of you
For the man to feel a man, this is what I will tell you honey
When he puts his hand in his pocket, he likes to feel a wallet full of money.
© ~GG~23/09/2012