free cee USERY USED

Written by: jeffry cohan

        USURY USED 

There ain't a junkie alive will do a favor without an agenda
don't make no difference age or gender
the junkie will give you a buck to be nice
but i'll tell you right now you'll pay back a greater price

one day the junkie will ask for a favor and you can't say “no”
because to the addict equalization goes from high to low
you have no place to run from a gun or no place to hide
as the junkie lowers the boom and his pride

try to touch a junkies flaming heart amidst the ashes of today
but as I said before, his agenda is going to make you pay
his interest rate is illegal but so is what goes in his veins
and ain't a junkie that will stop at nothing to end his pains

these sons and daughters of glory turn to hardened thieves
junkies who meet their death in a subtle way yet no one grieves 
so ask an addict for a favor but remember what I had to say
one day, for you, there will be an outlandish price to pay
   © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~