A Hidden Gift

Written by: DINA SCALIA

We're each handed what we are dealt
No one said life is trouble free
I used to dwell on how I felt
Till I realized the blessing I was given-
The mother of special needs children
Dont pity me with sadness
When my heart is filled with pride
For I can look deeper in the eyes of others and see the beauty they hold inside
I cant judge like I used to
Like you cant judge a book by its cover
Because a cover is all it really is-
Its whats under to discover
I'm more patient than most people though i didn't start out that way
For the gift of my children has guided me to this very day
I've learned not to ridicule for I have seen the stares of others
Knowing we are all unique
All these children and their mothers
Though,I have frustration and stress just like everyone else
 I've been gifted with the knowledge and a lesson worth in gold- 
That we all have imperfections that make us who we are
So very precious.... in our mold