The Conformity of Non-Conformity

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

There are those who heedlessly follow the crowd
There are also a few who singularly continually do not
Some of these do it to be different, while some just are
They dance to their own voice, hear a different drummer
It is not at all easy to be different, it has its price
Some think the journey worth it, others soon capitulate
Now when you are different, if you are a deep thinker
Then sometimes you may even question your own reasoning
For some through life, it is a continual questioning why
Why am I so different, why do I always have to do what I do
Others don’t not give a stuff, they simply do what they want 
For some, life makes them different, without even asking
Some different in looks, in circumstance, mind or body
Others so unique, making discoveries conquering the unknown
Some even take their difference and turn them into sheer evil
They take our world and fill it with non- conforming haters
They are people who believe that all must sing to their tune
They want to sway the populace to their ways of non-conformity
And in their non -conformity to the norm, it turns into conformity
Sub-cultures are formed to get away from the traditional values
Goth, Metal head, pieced tongues, shaven heads, and dread hawks
All eventually without even realizing it living in total compliance
The non- conformist therefore has to be a loner not a group culture
To be different is to be true to oneself and stand there out on a limb
This is a hard road to travel, and certainly not one that is easy to tread.