Bad Grammar

Written by: Annie Lander


When it comes to grammar
I always break the rules
I am from the old school
I never adhere to the “do and don’t
 I am a devious character indeed... oh! guess what!

 My Dali lama teaching
Was never influential because
Nothing else matters to me

I am who I am 
Prose and complete
And most of the time
 Politically or grammatical incorrect
Whatever, or whoever I am.
 I am a poetess with a mean ***** switch

my main focus is to get my point across
Artful and prose; I play the devil’s advocate
Guilty as charge, I am in charge of my anthology 
No outsiders can never curve my pen
To construct a well written poem

When I am on a roll I never stop to compose
Or worry about starting my sentences with “and our but”
Even if it makes me clunky; no biggie that me 
I have no intention of offering a toast
or pretend I am your host at your table.

I am the artful dodger, I know how to submit and watch
As my pen become public enemy number one.
                    (mostly to some)

Sorry my master! My mentor, Dali lama (my conscience)
May I examine my mind in all actions?
And as soon as a negative state occurs,
Since it endangers me and others,
May I firmly face and avert it. :  Quote Dali Lama