Falling Down

Written by: destini everett

I'm falling falling ..falling down
wonder when I'll hit the ground. 

The sky is clear not a cloud in sight, I feel like I should fight but nothing seems right.
I straiten my body to slow my speed, 
twelve miles up it's hard to breath... nothing can help, it's no use to scream.

Descending to my fate I realize it's never to late, and free myself of all the hate.
The end is near I've nothing left to fear... the sound of the wind is all I hear. 
It rolls over my body like the waves upon the sand , only love shall fill these hands.

It's almost time so I let go, I wonder whats beyond the great unknown. 
Will there be angels that sing so high, or only demons with blackness for eyes.

So here I am falling falling to the ground,
falling falling all the way down.