Sometimes life is just living

Written by: Anna Erickson

Sometimes life is just living
Sometimes as much as you want to move forward you don't
Sometimes love comes from deep within and sometimes it doesn't
Sometimes love is given in such a barbed and calloused way as hate

Sometimes fear makes you grow stronger
And sometimes it cripples you inside
Sometimes the things you want don't come
And sometimes you waste your whole life waiting

Sometimes I wish life was like a long walk down a straight road
Every step you took you could see your progress
See you past fading behind you
See your future coming clearer

Sometimes I want to just walk away
Away from this still same spot I find myself in
As if putting one foot in front of the other
Would help me get somewhere in life too

But sometimes life is just living
Waking up every morning and living
Blind to any progress you may be making
Yet trusting God to get you there.