Borderline Personality Disorder

Written by: Chyleen Lopez

She knows she isn't crazy
She knows what she sees....
She binge Eats to make it all go 
Yea, her stress....
She becomes depressed.

She can't have a long social 
relationship because of her 
mood swings...
She can't control herself.
She becomes someone else.

She forgets what she says,
But remembers her actions.
How come she can't get past 

She's sweet, 
She's caring,
But when she is triggered....
You want to just leave her.
But it's okay... 
She's use to it. 

She is scared of being alone
She's terrified of going on... 
There's nothing she can do.

But the ones who love her the 
Will stand by her.....
But please, never get too close.