Written by: Jennifer Magrath

What to do with love re-found?
Love that crept into
A heart suddenly sprung open
By a boy
In a world where the call to prayer,
Floats in the grey dawn.
A boy yes, but a man boy.
What a wondrous time, 
Before time flicked the page
And I saw the words ‘The End’.
Still I held the page open, 
Until the words blurred into infinity.
Time will tell an unlocked heart, to forget.
But even as times passes,
I say ‘Not yet, not yet.’

Not yet time, to un-see myself,
With the eyes of yesteryear. 
To feel again the years of time,
Nudging at my side.
Not time to return to old things.
This was not a lover’s love.
Nor could ever be.
No lover’s caresses
Amidst rumpled sheets, tumbling floor-wards,
As first light, breaks the night.
But still this love glows so bright.
No, it is not time to forget.
Not yet, not yet.

JM 2012