Vapor Lock

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

Once upon a time while touring ancient Egypt land,
A frugal auld tourist from the bonny land of Scotland,
Decided the mysterious pyramids he desired to see,
And he demanded to visit them for a very nominal fee!

He repaired to his hotel bar, sat down and ordered a drink.
He needed ample time upon this bold adventure to think.
After downing several tumblers of Gordon's gin and tonic,
He thought, "By jove!  A trip by a camel would be exotic!"

He scurried to the local camel rental agency very much areel,
To haggle with the rental feller and strike up a deal,
That would guarantee a care-free trip to the pyramids and back!
An agreeable pact was struck and he gave the man some jack.

Just a few hot and dusty kilometers out of town,
The camel stopped, snorted and lay down!
The irate Scot hailed a traveler heading back east,
Saying, "Send that guy out here to rouse this insolent beast!"

Rubbing his nose and scratching he head he kicked the camel fast!
The hapless camel broke wind with a most resounding blast!
"Aha!" explained the agent, "The problem was easy to unlock!
This old feller had a very serious case of vapor lock!"

Robert L. Hinshaw,CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved