Written by: jeffry cohan


If everyone on earth understood what I was saying but I didn't love others as well
then i'd most probably spend eternity in hell
if I was a prognosticator and could tell everyone everything but didn't love my brothers what would I be
I would be a charlatan denying Calvary and Christianity
if I had that mustard seed of faith and could move mountains with my stare
I would have no love, no belief and would not care
for I would mean nothing to anyone on earth
and every sin would lower my worth
if I were willing to give everything to the poor, the smart and the not so clever
if I didn't care about humanity I would be of no use whatsoever

now let us discuss the theory of love
the kind of love that comes from above
love, of late, has been on my mind
and I realize love is patient and kind
in my way of thinking jealousy and pride do not enter the equation
love never rejoices in injustice and tries in all ways to pass on a righteous education
I beg my brothers to give my way of thinking a chance
because love for mankind stays stalwart throughout every circumstance
every man will have a prophecy and a testimony to declare
for love is humble and never prejudiced but in the end these gifts will disappear

here's the thing, when I was a child I played with toys
and received a thousand smiles, laughter and ten thousand joys
but then adolescence entered the picture and my toys had to be put away
i'll always remember the hurtfulness of a most sorrowful day
but suddenly, sans toys, I was able to see with clarity
and nothing in The Bible could succumb to disparity
everything I know now is partial and i'll tell you how
because eventually I will know everything the way God knows me now
                  © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETRY & some unknown scribes ~free cee!~