I just kissed you


A white sheet covered over the malformed head,
A cold cadaver resting on a steel bed.
They asked me to identify the remains,
But I couldn't bring myself to touch the sheet with blood stains.

If I don't look at what was there to greet me,
Your death just wouldn't, couldn't be.
I just kissed you, with a morning good-bye,
Smiling as you slowly drove on by.

My hands shook like an autumn leaf,
My glass heart frozen in perpetual grief. 
The sheet felt cold, starchly stiff,
Like the body under the sheet, I just couldn't lift .

They told me you weren't a pretty site,
But that's not true I just kissed you, in the morning light.
My palms were clammy as I lifted the starched sheet,
It had to be your dead eyes that mine would meet.
My world stopped turning I had to look away,
It couldn't  be true, I just kissed you today