Grandma Part 1

Written by: Chirag Subramanian

The morning dawned grey and cold
Shock and fear had taken hold
Blinded and struck by disbelief
We rushed, jolted beyond belief
I still remember how Mother screamed
As she ran up the stairs
To confront that of which I had never dreamed
A life without YOU
With trembling steps, I reached the door
Only to see you lying peacefully on the floor
Still, silent, small and beautiful, like a crushed rose
I saw her bleed tears of agony, as I maintained my rigid pose
Quivering within myself, I approached you
A purer countenance I've never seen
Even in Death, you were as true as you'd ever been
The whispers abounded, indistinct and immaterial
They had come to pay their respects
A few out of love, a few due to regret
They spoke of your virtues, about your contribution
As if they were items that needed distribution
You moved from reality, into a frame
Your essence lost, we were never the same
I wonder why you've gone, leaving me here
When I've lost that which I hold most dear
Your smile, your presence, your embrace
Things which surpass all praise
I remember when I'd ring the bell
You'd throw open the door, with the most beautiful smile I've ever seen
Now, when I come here, I wonder where I've been
For you, sickness and mood held no regard
For me, love was all you ever had
I'll never forget the meals, that you cooked so lovingly for me
Regardless of the heat of the stove, or the condition you were in
You always believed in me, more than I did myself
You backed me, when so many others had left
You taught me right from wrong
O Grandma! You were always so strong
Even when your hearing deserted you
You always gave your best
Without bothering about rest
You worked tirelessly, the way you'd done all along
70 or 17 made no difference, only YOU did
The house was your world
Asthma and old age had done their trick
For you, every pebble had become a brick
You lived a soundless life
Yet you were the Ideal wife
You were the spark in his life
You gave Grandpa a lifetime of support
50 years,  every step of the way
Until Death came to play Spoilsport
I remember the day, when I was but a child
How you soothed my tears, and held me close to your heart
I was secure, and nothing could keep us apart
           Continued in part 2