Wrong Timing

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

In a hellish nightmare
Saw you standing there

With eyes glowing like fireballs
Brewing on a heavy and dangerous squall

Lightning reveals your silhouette
Your hand shakes as you lit your cigarette

What madness goes through your head this time?
Don`t know why really,you`re just a wasted dime

Not that I care that much about it
If it just wasn`t so annoying listening to your fit

There`s one thing about it though
The timing is wrong for your game show

Your rants normally comes around by full moon
Anyway..what can we expect from a baboon?

Ranting and venting is your game
Pretty much the story of your life,and how you get your fame

If you need a friend,someone to blame
Just say so,don`t act like a moron to get your fame

September 22nd 2012