Diamonds on the Beach

Written by: Katelyn Dobbs

Driving along the mansion rimmed coast,

There isn’t a thing not gold

This afternoon,

The white, hazy ball of heat, we call sun, hangs high against the deep blue.

Reminding me of how insignificant this joy could be to the rest of the world.

But here,

Your eyes are smiling,

And we had all just finished laughing,

From a quick joke,

“Still make lemonade taste like a summer’s day” is echoing

Through the walls of my white, tiny truck.

How could there be any need for worry?

When the grasses and the waves

are shinning, in their best diamonds,

for this occasion.

How could there be any need for worry?

When all the people along

the sidewalk are breaking out their best


for this occasion,

I know you’re not worrying,

Because you’re leaning back in my passenger seat wearing the smile that I love

The one, which seems to say the world, is exactly how you think.

And although,

at the time, I was not sure how long I’d know you,

No drive has been as ever been more glamorous-

than that drive to the beach.