Mutiny on the Body

Written by: Joe Flach

There was a conspiracy from within
The mutiny would begin
As emotions fought to take over the mother ship
Captain Brain was overruled
Being considered the greater fool
They set sail for a new companionship

They changed the ship’s old course
Started mounting a new horse
With the Captain being held captive down below
Sailing full speed ahead
Jumping into the lass’s bed
Even though the Captain’s orders were to take it real slow

The cannon did its part
Then the wench broke the vessel’s heart
With sailors lined up in every port
Mutineer Lust having been deceased
The Captain was then released
Emotions were found guilty by the Judges in the court

Once again they would slowly sail
Resisting temptations of a lover’s hell
Having ruined the best thing that they had ever had
They were now doomed to sail alone
Over the seas and its white foam
Punishment for treating a good wife really bad