Written by: Zhian Mostofi

Social awareness springs life in all its many forms of fault
On a thin, blank film of ring which encircles the audience seated,
Wherein precursive images befall the sight of sovereign role-gazers
Who seek after the preservation of authority in place of the refinement of the very sprite itself
For in this gleaming presence, numerous reflections of the seated alighten in passing
Which would bear witness a good fortune on its observers if it will be known
For the dispelling of delusion lies in contribution
As traits of individuals accommodate new affiliations
Through the hallways of the houses they build
A social excuse, vestiture for the chimera that simmer around the echoes that call a friend
A nasal contraction, whispers of ballet along with congenial manic fractures
A pigeons’ hall work as J.  Farnsworth transfuses into moll work
Regaling distraction, appalling as adolescent prances conceive a hidden dimension
To decisions made on behalf of
An unknowing few
Surely your indecision wouldn’t assume
We’d all forget the Who