Nothing But me-me

Written by: Zhian Mostofi

Nothing But meme

Mills of the take
Say just a word
Definitions escape the first look
Last to the contention, first to objurgate my peaking reflection
White noise and laughter creep through the walking skin
And to this, my neighbors throw a loud fit
For it is all about how one objectifies
Reasons, instants, momentary slips of the whistles,
Questions that shouldn’t be asked,
Momentary lapses into one’s ecstatic synapses
As a past that should be left masked
Walks right through the last
Juxtaposition spoken
A talking past
Not Happening, Yet

Who am I
When did I begin
I ask a friend
Friendly what he thinks of my growing seeds
As he proceeds to drop me to my weakest
Of card tricks, move first, talk last
Call it a nap, last words to a crisis
Ladies’ and gentlemen, it’s a rap