Wishes and Fools

Written by: Eddy Ortega

A wish in well a childish measure
The one who does is rife with dolor
A wish for well and one loved to live

A pocket the crypt of penny for yen
To finger only shinny tiny coin
To heart and mind a hope to purloin

To wish in well do flip end for ends
On water are halos in circle
To sight a sea of bloom in ripple

The light is gold of sun on surface
The copper do twin the sheen above
Below scale of fish wink and twinkle

A Lincoln sinks his head moves to and fro
A Koi ogles the decent of yes and no
The carp is coy the coin is foreign to yen

The coin sets under Adam's ale
Its flop did hide Abraham's tale
Yea or nay a secret in Nemo's tomb

The wish for right left hands empty
The penny pocket on left left desolate
The wish the well a fools taurine mythos