never left

Written by: Davin Payne

through windy storm and blazing heat
my love for you stays true and sweet
though distance wise the depth is deep
my heart goes on that'd worn all feet
on broken glass and molten rock
halting not, motion or breath
past ocean floors, where devils walk
my searching found she never left
center of suns, save winters grace
skippin pace when lovers race
for first to save not love but face
shall weep cause faith in shameless waste
has lost some strength to softened wake
when one is placed second of best
under rock, and thoughts of space
my searching found she never left
with rags and dirt, or crowns of rich
still a point can sure be missed
for happiness does not mean bliss
nor grief be from a forgotten kiss
days will pass and time will heal
to learn again what was but a guess
and never say our future done
my searching found she never left