Ode To Condemned Ones

Written by: Chidozie Uche

Engraved with harsh sound, each shackle's screech molested my eardrum,
   Its starry silver, sparked oblivious wham into my heart, shattered like shard,
Rigorously, premature sweat hopped down to my forested beard,
 Never! They can't let me loose again, as they gathered like a scrum.

Amid the encrusted iron on my encased cage,
 My bendy fingers scratches till shallow hole,
Gallows way, full of groggy drops, I envision the woody pole,
 Conscience before me, not my time, my death a sin to age.

Guilty of whatever, the judgement not from the creator,
  I despised freedom in all form 
Next world, I will buy a spaceship to carry law sector,
  For, my time is over like a heavy storm.

Pity and pity me no more,
 For, my journey a moral lesson in the folklore.