Bullies Words Hurt

Written by: Crestfallen .

Words can't express the deep pain inside,
no matter where you go, there's no place to hide.
Because the truth comes out,
and there's no doubt,
that you believe their lies are true.

But they don't know you, or how you are,
bullies never imagine you to take it that far.
Cuts so deep, then their life is gone,
now look who all the attention is on.
It's sad that that's the only way to make them understand, 
that the names and jokes can hold victim's lives with a strand.

Think about other's not your 'school fame'
it doesn't make you cool, it makes you a dick and lame.
It's not funny, it's rude,
If you were ever on the other side of the words, you would change your whole attitude.